Inspired by the true story of a teenager battling screen addiction, Super Connected is the new film drama, concept album and theatre show by Tim Arnold.

If Super Connected has an overarching point, its that if our online lives are lived at the expense of our offline ones; if were excessively enmeshed by the influence of big tech, then our real-world connections and aspects of our sanity are at risk.

“A unique piece about the lonliness of the digital landscape.” The Times ★★★★


“A conceptual lyrical narrative taking aim at big tech’s insidious footprints on our lives” Prog ★★★★

“On this excellent, consciousness-raising album and film its powerful and idiosyncratic enough that listeners might reconsider how they interact with tech” – We Are Cult ★★★★


The lives of a London family-of-four are aggressively co-opted by the internet (the title-track is sung from the viewpoint of the screen-addicted, bedroom-bound teenage daughter) while a sinister surveillance organisation, Picture Sounds, harvests data in order to target the susceptible with its latest inventiona diabolical piece of wearable tech called the iHead.

‘Picture Sounds’ are by spoken-word advertpassages from Stephen Fry and one glorious behemoth of a rock song, The Complete Solution, with lyrics that sum up big tech’s silent assault on the bond between families.

Super Connected is best experienced, if you can, as a live event in which the film is screened while Arnold performs the songs live. The music works on its own, as does the film. Together, it is a unique and breathtaking experience. Live Dates.

by Charles Donovan (Originally published in We Are Cult)


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