Super Connected is Tim Arnold’s forthcoming album and and first motion picture screen albumFollow for release update.

“Technology doesn’t have a Hippocratic oath. So many decisions that have been made by technologists in academia, industry, the military, and government since at least the Industrial Revolution have been made on the basis of “can we,” not “should we.” – Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden’s work to protect our data privacy, internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world triggered the inspiration of Tim Arnold’s multimedia project ‘Super Connected’. A family’s encounter with addictions to technology and social media that takes a dark turn as a new immersive product enters their lives. Tim Arnold’s first feature is a self-scored sci-fi Screen Album.  An album you can watch, as well as listen to.

Statement from Tim Arnold 

“Super Connected is about our love of music, our connection to family and community, our wellbeing, and how data colonialism threatens that love, connection and wellbeing.” – Tim Arnold
“When I began making albums, I’d read Paul McCartney’s famous quote that ‘An album should be the musical equivalent to the novel’. This approach put creators of albums in the driving seat, and every album I’ve ever made has been sequenced to give the listener an experience from beginning to end.

With streaming platforms putting listeners in the driving seat, we now have a pic and mix approach to music, as we curate playlists out of multiple artists, which is great in every way, apart from the artist’s desire to tell a complete story in the way that it was intended to be experienced. Super Connected had to become an ‘album you can watch’ to enable that experience. The themes of the songs are rooted in the idea that we can all take part in the debate around Technology Vs Humanity to effect change that empowers community, not the corporatocracy.”  

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