A family’s encounter with addictions to technology and social media takes a dark turn when a new immersive product enters their lives. Tim Arnold’s first feature is a self-scored sci-fi screen album, from the musical album of the same name.

Statement from Tim Arnold

“When I began writing songs for my first album, I’d read Paul McCartney’s now famous quote that ‘An album should be the musical equivalent to the novel’. This approach put creators of albums in the driving seat, and every album I’ve made since has been sequenced to give the listener an experience from beginning to end.

But things changed with the advent of streaming platforms that put the listeners in the driving seat. Most streaming sites are a pic and mix for music fans, curating playlists out of multiple artists, which is great in every way, apart from the artist’s desire to tell a complete story in the way that it was intended to be experienced. When I completed the music for Super Connected, I held back on releasing it as an album, and made a film. From the 60’s right up until the 90s, it was the norm to get a new album and listen to it from start to finish. And that’s the experience I want to deliver.”

As media theorist Douglas Rushkoff says:

“TV and screens separate us from the thing that is being broadcast. It helps us to see someone else’s vision. Which is great. In contrast, ‘sound’ projects the thing that is being broadcast into our own imagination. Into our ‘inner screen’ you might say, and on our own imaginary stage where we place the characters and the action.”

The film of Super Connected works with both inner and outer screens. It was created to reinvigorate and reimagine one of the 20th century’s most inspiring experiences; the album.