Super Connected™

Written, composed and directed by Tim Arnold

Creative Advisors

Nim Arnold, Kate Alderton, Valerie Charlton, Andrew Schlussel and Nic Alderton


Lead Vocals, guitars and piano – Tim Arnold
Bass and sound design
– Jonathan Noyce
Drums – Hugo DegenHardt
Drums and backing vocals – Alexy Guerer
Drums – Josh Macintosh
Violin and Viola – Jonathan Hill
Cello – Nick Holland
Saxophones – Ben Castle
Backing vocals – Ben Pelchat
Voice – Kate Alderton
Voice – Stephen Fry
Special Effects – Danny Monk


Studio engineer – Danny Monk
Studio engineer – Antony Smith
Mixed by Tim Arnold and Danny Monk
Produced by Tim Arnold, Jonathan Noyce and Ben Pelchat


Tim Curtis – Tim Arnold
Kathleen Curtis – Kate Alderton
Bella Curtis – Dixie McDevitt
Carole Curtis – Valerie Charlton
Carole’s Carer – Jessie Doyle
Roxy Curtis – Roxy Easton Doyle
Oswald Wear – Simon Reeves
Ferdinand Wear – Bryanne Mackintosh-Melville
Gregory Hawkins – Jeremy Stockwell
Graham Kyle – Steve Furst
General Clutterbuck – Jud Charlton
Candy – Cyrilla Whyte
The Voice of Picture Sounds – Stephen Fry

Magic is everywhere
Even if you can’t see it
It is always nearer than you think

Daniela Maccari
Ivana Caffaretti


Director of Photography – Lindley Gooden
Director of Photography – Steven Cassidy
Producer – Nim Arnold
Special Effects Model Maker – Valerie Charlton
Costume – Hazel Pethig
Script Editor – Kate Alderton
Story Consultant
– Nic Alderton
Editor – Tim Arnold
Editor – Nic Alderton
Location Manager/Camera – Charlie Granby
Hair and makeup – Jade Soar
Hair and makeup – Francesca Robertson
Hair and makeup – Rosalind Wilson
Hair and makeup
– Olivia Todd
Production assistant – Lucy Glasser


VFX Supervisor – Andrew Schlussel
VFX – Shane Sumner
Animation Producer
– Hong Yane Wang
Animation – Callum Williams
Animation – Ben Hornibrook


Management – Helen Adams
Production Assistant – Vicky Steed
Production Assistant – Graciela Mae
Security – Keith Buckman
The Chaplaincy – Jackie Barber

Giulio Sata and Ivana Caffaretti

Supporting Cast

Rebecca Furst, Debbie Arnold, Bill Arnold, Louise Arnold, Steve Batty,
Beverley Clarke, Clarke Alexander, Michael Jablonka, Hazel Pethig, Mark White, Chris Hughes, Steven Gibbs, Shane Sumner, Andrew Schlussel, Megan Stevenson,
Ruth Syratt, Michael McNicholas, Miles Washe, Alen Nikaj, Xavier ROA, Colin Vaines,
Dalibor Bajunovic, Georgina Fulford-Dobson.

Adolph Nassalang, James Shannon, Raye Lee, Laura Caldow, Leah Moses, Sequoia Allen, Andrew James, Anya Chaika, Ben Robards, Sean Devine, Frankie Devine, Gary Condon, Helen Lusher, Jade Soar, Liane Carol, Lucy Jarret, Helen Lusher, Lucy Nolan, Nicki Hutchins, Paul Moore, Simon Jarvis, Vasco, CJ Johnson, Alexy Guerer, Gerri Kimber, Jackie Summerfield, Charlotte Douglas.


Connected Singers on ‘Start A Conversation’

Michelle Olley, Dixie McDevitt, Kate Alderton, Nic Alderton, Ben Pelchat, Jessie Doyle, Roxy Doyle, Roddy McDevitt, Larry Sidorczuk, Geoff Norris, Simon Reeves, Emma Watkinson, Melissa Mailer-Yates, Wayne Hoyle, Firak Di Bello, Daniela Maccari, Anwen Fryer Burrows, Peter Stanford, Andy Lewis, William Humphreys, Nadine Page, Felix Page, Richard Arnold, Louise Arnold, Johnny Nigma, Andrew Schlussel, Jai Ramage, Jeremy Stockwell, Tom Calderbank, Jeremy and Claudia, Sabine Biermann, Holly Landeros and Philip.

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