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Artists, photographers, poets, creator friends. We’re slowly coming out of lockdown in the UK. This page is to post symbols of ‘light’ for those who have been in the dark for too long.  It’s an offering of support and empathy, as many people start to reintegrate with the outside world again.  Art can often be an effective and trustworthy bridge to take the first gentle steps on an unknown journey. Share your gift, and upload one piece of art, photography, music, poetry or just a few words. #SendMoreLight


  1. In Denmark, we celebrate the end of WWII by putting candlelights in our windows on May the 4th. It symbolises the end of black curtains and the return of light through our windows.

  2. The breath is like the bridge between the self and the soul. Wherever you are right now – pause, breathe and walk the bridge from this moment in time to the next with gentle awareness. Awareness of where we’ve been, what we’ve learned, what we must leave behind and what we can take with us as we travel onwards.

    Photo: Rose

  3. Brigid , “ Bright One “ , Druidic goddess of poetry & inspiration . She plays the strings of the heart , resonating in the womb space . The light within shines through .

  4. we’ve got through these strange times together, now lets step back into the light of life again

  5. Inspired by Union Jack, which was first made 415 years ago, on 12th April 1606. May your heart be full of love in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

  6. My offering to Bridge of Light

    Poem in a Pandemic

    Oh how I long for touch so much
    The feel of your embrace, yes yours
    That tells me I am loved, you care
    But you’re not there.
    All very well those hearts and flowers
    Sent heart to heart and received gladly
    But give me your touch, your warmth, your smell
    Those for me are treasured wildly
    Or would be, if only, if only you were here.

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